On September 4th 2022, Chile was to vote on a referendum, bringing to a close an unprecedented process of political and social transition. The people were to vote on whether or not to adopt a new Constitution to replace the one introduced in 1980 under Pinochet's regime.
Kütral V. Huaiquimilla, a transgender and Mapuche poet, tells us about the transformations that Chile is undergoing in the run-up to this event, and offers us texts that enable the circulation of more universal ideas, between what we want and what we can achieve, between micro-history and global history.

In this stunning documentary, director Thomas Daeffler offers a unique point of view on an exemplary constitution proposal. A text that wisely approaches homosexuality, transgenderism, politics, feminism, art and society in general while including a global process where new generations fight for new ideas in an aging world.

Born from Pierre-Edouard Joubert's idea, this short film is Voir's first step into fiction production. We are thrilled and happy to start this new adventure with this amazing film. " To make a movie you only need a girl and a gun " once said French Nouvelle Vague's master : Jean-Luc Godard. Pierre-Edouard Joubert took this quote at its most intrigued point of view resulting in a quircky & WTF toned comedy taking place in a desertic landscape.