Timm Gillner


Timm has always expressed himself through all kinds of art.

Working inter-disciplinary he likes to combine all the experiences he gathered.

After his college degree which was focused on Art and Design, he started to study film in 2012,

focused on feature films and documentaries at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund, Germany.

During that time period he started to work as a freelancer in commercials and was part of the film collective I AM HERE.

In 2015 he founded TRUST’N’TRY, which is a Berlin based Production Company focusing on campaigns and branded content around

lifestyle, fashion, and sport.

Storytelling in longer formats is what drives him, but he also admires the craft of creating short commercial formats.

With his commercial for Snipes x Stranger Things (Netflix) which he produced and directed he was shortlisted at Berlin Commercial Festival in 2020.

He worked for and with several agencies and Brands like Red Bull, Nike, Adidas, Snipes & Netflix, Facebook, and many more.

His experiences in the craft of film making includes not only the creative part of editing, camera and directing, he also produced many commercials.

Timm loves film-making as a whole and cares about every detail in it.